Trance Image Metaphors

Trance Image Metaphors

SATAN (Structural) see Lucifer – Satan is the fallen version; spiritual longing and loneliness; torment, lost and wandering; intense emotions; anger, temper; electric vibes; strong almost unshakeable destructive behaviour patterns; a person running a Satan metaphor can easily destroy anyone with a few, quick words or a few strong looks. Trance image; a figure of the stereotypical Satan character, frequently cartoon like; red with horns and a tail.

WOLF (Structural) prime central metaphor; see Shewolf, Werewolf; the part of personality that is the hunter & protector of the Psyche; prime motivator behind behavior; the state of the Wolf metaphor directly influences success and control of life; ones ability to be self motivated and firm. Trance image; a waist high wolf, usually grey. Well built and well groomed with sharp piercing eyes 


SHIP (Structural) see Ocean; Surf; Helm etc.; we are the ship as we move through life; to travel to ones goal; also to send unconscious messages through the collective unconscious. Trance image; an old Spanish galleon


WHIRLWIND (Structural) see Whirl, Wind, Sex, Money; energy system; life force; power; empathy; activity; base central metaphor; the image of Whirlwind under trance can be used directly to control emotional states and facilitate integration; also empathy, intuition; two forms of Whirlwind appear in reverse: (1) a whirlwind, whirlwind – refers to personal operating system; (2) THE whirlwind – a universal “cosmic” energy; whirlwind is also energy that radiates out from the body to interact with The whirlwind of the cosmos; God’s light travels the whirlwinds. Trance image; a large whirlwind in the desert, spinning smoothly

SHEPHERD (Structural) almost a metaphor for Christ; the part of us that is “Christ-like”; the part of us that is very spiritually in-tune; teacher; leader; spiritual guide; one to be trusted; a servant of God; a leader seeking their sheep. Trance image; a shepherd sometimes in the Garden

ODIN (Structural) from Norse mythology, another name for God; he was a great warrior and a seeker of knowledge who achieved his goals but did so sometimes at the expense of personal happiness. Odin indicates a personality type that will continue to move forward in life seeking spiritual and emotional satisfaction and will work steadily towards this goal, possibly at the expense of personal and family happiness; the person may believe suffering is essential for personal growth. Odin will usually achieve his goals with steady work. Trance image; a mighty warrior, Viking like in appearance

LANCELOT (Structural) see Knight; the perception of the perfect man; knight in shining armour; the part of self that wants to rescue the damsel in distress; a man on a quest; the saviour; women will often refer to their Lancelot; tends to be used more by women referring to the man they are looking for; Lancelot is the best of the best; an adventurer. Trance image; a knight on his horse, frequently without armour

SHIVA (Structural) one of many deities appearing in reverse speech; the avenging aspect of God; God the warrior; the use of force to create change; to break down rigid mental structures. Trance Image; a warrior being with many arms frequently seen in the sky sometimes throwing lightning bolts

EARL (Structural) see Sultan, metaphor pair; the majestic part of the psyche; great, grand, noble; a teacher and leader; the part of Self that has already achieved all goals and dreams. Trance image. A grand noble, middle aged man magnificently clothed sometimes in purple silks and flowing robes.


GARDEN OF EDEN (Structural) see Eden; the centre of the psyche; the gateway to the soul; a refuge; a place to grow; re-energising; Trance image; a large lush garden lying to the North of the desert, sometimes separated from the desert by a large river


GODDESS (Structural) the part of us that can see the good, see the potential; can see long term goals; has hopes and dreams for the future. Trance image; a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and flowing silken robes. Sometimes sandals on her feet and a golden belt around her waist.

HEAVEN (Structural) the centre part of the mind beneath the collective unconscious; peace, harmony; to give and receive grace and mercy. Trance image; a crystal city with golden streets in large mist in the expanse of space


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