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About Reverse Speech

In 1983 I began researching a technology that I later called Reverse Speech. In 1987 I released my first book on the topic and announced my findings on Australian television. I received immediate interest in my work from both the therapeutic and investigative fields. I moved to the United States to live in 1989 and received favourable media coverage, including an appearance on CNN’s Larry King Live show.

Officials in Washington DC expressed interest in my work, but this abruptly ceased when I uncovered a Desert Storm code word embedded backwards into George Bush’s speeches. A secret memo sent to Defence Secretary Dick Cheney was leaked to the press and the story hit international headlines. I was asked to keep quiet, and many of my lectures around the country were cancelled including a research project that was being arranged with the Michigan state police. I remained publicly quiet for a while and privately developed the therapeutic side of Reverse Speech. I eventually designed a revolutionary new procedure for shifting unconscious patterns that I entitled Metaphor Restructuring. This technique receives outstanding reviews for its effectiveness in shifting behavioural patterns.

In 1995, I released my second book on Reverse Speech and moved to San Diego to live. I set up a large and successful therapeutic practice, and in 1996 I became a regular guest on the nationally syndicated Art Bell radio show. This lead to further media coverage such as Extra TV and Strange Universe. However, it also led to harassment in the form of an arson house fire and death threats.

In November 1999, after continuing opposition and harassment of me and my family, I returned home to Australia to continue my work here. I now have a successful Reverse Speech therapeutic and consulting practice. I am conducting training classes and the Australian media have continued to cover my career with these pieces since my return:

  1. Today Tonight
  2. The Today Show
  3. The Weekend Australian
  4. The Advertiser
  5. The New Idea

This is where events now stand. In the last 27 years, I have developed a technology that can give us new understandings of language and the human mind. I am continuing to bring this technology to the world and I wait to see what the future holds.

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