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Reverse Speech Resources

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NEW! Reverse Speech Affiliate Program

Just released. After years of bad experiences with marketing people, and poor results with advertising and other marketing avenues, I have decided to invest my advertising dollars into the only system that has worked for me over the years and that is referrals – most of my clients come from either referrals or through my website – soooooo – here it is – an affiliate program for Reverse Speech where you can earn 20% commission across the board for any leads referred to me – that’s $360.00 for someone who signs up for a full round of session work – go to this url to become an affiliate partner – Reverse Speech Affiliate Program.

Reverse Speech Affiliate Program



United Kingdom Joins Reverse Speech Network

The United Kingdom has officially joined the network of Reverse Speech Websites with our new website at: Tune into our examples and discover the unconscious, and hidden secrets of the mind. Delve deeply into the inner workings of your very Soul. This United Kingdom website provides local access to this amazing and profound technology. The ultimate lie detector, Reverse Speech can reveal things that your politicians and celebrities might never want known.

United Kingdom Joins Reverse Speech Network




New Release of Reverse Speech Professional Software Version 4.0

Reverse Speech Professional Version 4.0 has just been released February 10, 2016 and we are very excited about this new version. Several new features will make analysis even easier than before. Visit the new dedicated website for Reverse Speech Pro here.

Reverse Speech Pro Software Resource Website





David Releases His Newest Book – Unveiling The Truth

David has released his newest book and there is a new website up for more information and to purchase the book. This is an exciting New! website promoting David’s newest book called – Unveiling The Truth.

Unveiling The Truth by David John Oates



David Releases New Book – A New Theory About Language

David has released his new book and there is a website up just for the book. This is an exciting New! website promoting David’s book called – A New Theory About Language.

A New Theory About Language by David John Oates





New! Metawalks® Interactive Program

New Website – Metawalks® Interactive Program
“This Simple Program Will Give You Access To Your Own Powerful Prescription To Effortlessly Transform Your Life”

Metawalks Interactive Program



More Resources For Your Reverse Speech Reading Pleasure

The New Is Now Online!
This is an exciting New! website promoting Reverse Speech.

Visit Resource for Information
New Website At

New Website –
“Why Are There Hidden Messages And How Do They Get There?”

Visit Our New Website At




New Website About Backward Masking

New Website –
“The act of superimposing a message backwards onto an audio recording.”

Link to Backward Masking Website Resource for Information
The New Reverse Speech App

Get the New iReverseSpeech App For iPhone and iPod.
This is the exciting New! app for analyzing speech in reverse on your iPhone or iPod. Coming Soon for iPad and Android.
International Association of Reverse Speech Consultants

International Association of Reverse Speech Consultants
This is the official governing body of Reverse Speech Technologies.

Client and Practitioner Resource
David John Oates’ Personal Website

David John Oates Personal Website
Learn more about David, how he got started in Reverse Speech, some of his history as well as download and listen to 100’s of archived radio shows David has conducted over his extensive career.

Link to David's Personal Website
Reverse Speech Australia

The Australian Website
Australian examples, Australian prices! Check out the Aussie home of Reverse Speech.

Link to Australian Reverse Speech Website
Symone’s Miracle Healing Website
An amazing story of healing and the power of positive intentions. Read about Symone Oates’ incredible journey of recovery from a severe traumatic brain injury. See how RS and Metawalks played a part in her recovery.

Link to Symone's Recovery Website

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