Investigator & Speech Analyst

Reverse Speech Investigator

The first level of certification is entitled ReverseSpeechTM Investigator. Currently this class is taught on line, one class every two weeks.
In addition to class time there is also homework to be done. How long this takes is up to you. Some students get through homework with only 2-3 hours of work a week. However most students find they need to spend 10-15 hours a week on homework and other studies to become proficient at ReverseSpeechTM.

The investigator course covers the basic theories of ReverseSpeechTM and the first analysis skills the new student needs to know to find and interpret genuine speech reversals. Course topics are:

ReverseSpeechTM theory and speech complementarity
The history of ReverseSpeechTM
How to recognise a genuine speech reversal
The seven reversal checkpoints
The grammar and structure of ReverseSpeechTM
ReverseSpeechTM in children
How to spot deception and find hidden information

Reverse Speech Analyst

The second level of certification is entitled ReverseSpeechTM Analyst. It is also taught on line, one class every 2 weeks.
This course covers metaphors, detailed prompting techniques and comprehensive reversal analysis. It also covers the very first steps in changing metaphors and some basic marketing techniques to build your own business. Course topics are:

ReverseSpeechTM metaphors
ReverseSpeechTM and the Soul
The three levels of ReverseSpeechTM
Interpreting human behaviour and the workings of the unconscious mind
Body language and other unconscious means of expression
How to prompt for specific information in reverse
Rapport building
ReverseSpeechTM clusters
Building a ReverseSpeechTM practice
By the end of Part Two of the course, or 6 months in training in total (Parts 1 & 2), the newly certified Analyst is equipped to establish their own business in ReverseSpeechTM.


The third level of certification is entitled ReverseSpeechTM Practitioner. It is also taught one class every 2 weeks for 12 weeks.
This course teaches hypnosis and the technique of Metaphor Restructuring. This technique creates a powerful behavioural change in the individual using information gained from ReverseSpeechTM analysis. Course Topics are:

The theory of Metaphor Restructuring and the pictorial nature of the unconscious mind
The basics of hypnosis
How to induce a relaxed state and gain access to the deepest parts of the unconscious
Creating a Metawalk

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