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Reverse Speech in the business arena has some very exciting potential. It can reveal whether a person’s partners can be trusted. It can give us advice concerning key decisions as it taps into the infinite wisdom of the unconscious mind.

Imagine knowing beforehand whether a business merger would be successful or whether it is worthwhile pouring more money into a particular venture. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but it still doesn’t help the pocket book currently. What if you could get advice before the fact? Would this be worth money? Most business people would say yes.

Reverse Speech consultation has helped many business people. Reverse Speech Practitioner, Jack Johnston reports the following from his consultations: Reverse Speech has:

  • (a) Been used successfully to warn a CEO, just prior to signing a multi-million dollar merger, of hidden traps in the contract proffered by his counterpart, and to alert him to apparent duplicity and harmful motives by ‘said party of the second part’.
  • (b) Warned another CEO of a possible hacker or other criminal presence in a high level of his company… in the words of his own hidden voice channel, “an arch felon.”
  • (c) Alerted a private investor preparing to commit his life savings to an oil drilling project that the company was likely encumbered by potentially fatal legal difficulties; and this warning was later corroborated independently by further review of SEC – mandated corporate reports.
  • (d) Confronted an individual in a personal and business crisis with his own denial of the signals a failed business partner had been sending all along. This same analysis also revealed strong inner resources which could be tapped for overcoming the challenges and getting on with a productive life.


Here are some further examples from my files.

Example One:

In this example a man is talking about buying a kitchen business. He had come to me for advice on which one to buy. He had looked at quite a few and it had come down to three businesses to choose from. He couldn’t decide which one he should purchase or indeed whether to go ahead with any of them. During our discussion he said forward that it was time for him to just jump in and do it instead of being so scared. The reversals confirmed this and further stated that if he just started luck would fall across his path and he would be successful.

“I think I certainly, the last couple of [years doing what I’m] doing.” You see the luck solid. The reversal confirms that luck is on his side.

“So I think it’s time for me to [jump in and work the rest out as I go].” Hark the way. I say with gold. This is an instruction from his unconscious suggesting that if he looked ahead with confidence and take action, it will lead to success.

“I’d certainly like to have a business that was, um, maybe a kitchen business, a small kitchen company that was probably netting ten grand a week, something in that vicinity, [in that particular field um] looking at a net amount of that.” My wife will keep spending it. This rather amusing reversal is a good thing to know!

“I’d love to know what the feedback is on that. That’d be great cos I [have to let him know pretty] soon.” Feel a friend. You deal with them. This is a very positive reversal around this one particular business.

The businessman subsequently bought the business and was able to negotiate a very good deal because the owner liked him. The reversal was spot on. The business proved to be very successful and he sold it two years later for a very handsome profit.

Example Two

This example is about a man who wanted to help me with the marketing of Reverse Speech. I taped the conversation and found a reversal that warned me about going into business with him.

“That way if we contain sole rights to the books, [they’re channelled through us].” I’m so full of shit. Needless to say I chose not to do business with the man.

Example Three

This is an example of a couple who were seeking financial advice from someone. They weren’t too sure whether the information the advisor was giving them was accurate or not, so they turned to Reverse Speech to find out. .

“We want to know what the expectations [are and what our level of risk is].” I don’t love the shark with error. This indicates that the advisor was a shark and not to be trusted.

Example Four

In this example a man discusses a planned business expansion into the United States.

“In Australia we’re charging $1500 for three days, over these it’s $1500 US for three days. So, um, that is exciting to me. I’ve got some contacts over there and that’s really where I’d like to go. And that’s what I’d like to do. [Photography will be] the vehicle but education is going to [be the product].” Start off with it / It will be profit. The reversal indicates this will be a successful venture for the man.

Example Five

In this example a business man discusses the possibility of disagreements between his staff.

“[Yes, there’s going to be] some serious clashes with some of the people I think between them because it’s not always going to be apparent who’s, we’re already agreed to put some agreements in place about treatment of other people’s clients.” Hear the nexus sing. The reversal, using metaphors indicates that they will all come together and operate smoothly.

Example Six

Here we see a woman angry because she was laid off from her job.

“I was laid off from my job and I’m very hurt by it [not because of the fact that] they have no money and they’re laying people off.” Get half of the fucking money. The reversal seems to imply that, in her anger, she will take some form of action against the company. She subsequently sued them for wrongful dismissal.

Example Seven

Here is a section of a tape I recorded seeking advice concerning the best way to get Reverse Speech known and heard.

“Maybe what we, er, who was it, Jack Johnston did in that murder case. If we could get a few examples of that out there, things that you do that are beneficial. Like solving an insurance job or solving a murder or, you know, whatever. Maybe we should [er, start canvassing] the law enforcement agencies around Australia.” This will make us heard. This reversal indicates that the course of action discussed in the forwards will indeed get Reverse Speech known.

Example Eight

Here is a session transcript with a man who had recently been offered a new business opportunity. He was seeking advice from his reversals as to whether it was going to be a good deal or not.

“The guy who was going to do it has dillydallied [and last week he said I] wasn’t going to do it.” I command the city. Shows he is in charge of the situation

“[In the end last week] he said I’m not going to do it.” Earn. That’s the law. Law is a metaphor for our codes of conduct and the rules we live by. The reversal shows that the man is “hard wired” to make money.

“I’m the person who’s ideally suited as far as the knowledge of the business.” You lead that. Seen the surf. Congruent reversal. Surf is a metaphor for the flow of life. He is in the lead and will go with the flow.

“I can develop those and out[source and all that] sort of stuff.” I want the source. This is a congruent reversal.

“[He’s basically going to give me the business]. I don’t have to buy it.” Now God. I found this new love. A positive reversal. He will be passionate in the business.

“We just have 130 charts [coming out] this year.” <That’s the deal. He is confident about the deal.

“[It’s the deal of a lifetime].” My soul will lead this. This is the second reversal that references spiritual matters. This indicates the business will be a success.

“It gives people the ability to heal [themselves with] a crystal.” Began little source. He has already prepared himself for this business.

“He’s had to raise the [price of c]rystals.” Mark up. Congruent reversal.

“He said recently [that he’s] lost money on his whole crystal thing, that’s [why he has to raise] prices.” The bill / I wish to find that out. This indicates his desire to look into this matter further.

“He’s trying to get a [quick decision]. He’s trying to pressure me.” The good thing. The reversal shows that this will be a good deal.

After some delay the man went ahead with the business and it was moderately successful for him. He did however pursue his spiritual nature quite extensively, and went on a pilgrimage shortly afterwards. Clearly the reversals of a spiritual nature had more significance than first thought.

Example Nine

Here is a short transcript with a woman who was running a restaurant. Business had been slowly lately, and she was wondering whether she should continue with the business or not. She had just completed a series of workshops that had given her plenty of new ideas about the business.

“At the weekend workshop there was a [few things came out].” May deal with that. She will put the new ideas into practice.

“[Is it something to do with] people on our staff or the shop itself.” A wolf force the passion. Wolf is a metaphor for motivation. It shows that she will become passionate and motivated with the business.

“She left and dropped my bundle a bit, I felt [I had noone].” Noone to help. A congruent reversal communicating the same thing.

“Since we’ve done these workshops we are enthusiastic and [remotivated].” You’ll make it pay. Indicates the business will become successful.

“From what you said, [we can reach great heights of success].” My Eve blessing. The word make it. This metaphor says that she will find the ability inside of her to make it succeed.

“It’s just only been [the last six] weeks that we’ve been started to be [remotivated].” Sniff food / You’ll make it pay. This is the second time you’ll make it pay has appeared on the same forward dialogue. This makes this reversal a Situational Constant. It indicates that with the woman becoming remotivated, she will indeed make the business pay.

“We are envisaging that will increase the turnover of the business by $40-50 thousand dollars a year.” If the lord is nice. Probably means if luck comes their way.

“[We had all these] great projections going.” I seal. You win. She will secure the results of her projections and come out in front.

“We want to have time to do some personal development [stuff that we’ve] been putting on the back burner.” We deal with fuss. She has some personal issues she was working through.

“If we are going to get January and [they say we’re not] renewing the lease.” Know you will sell. Indicates the business will do well.

This woman did subsequently turn her business around and it became very successful. She sold it a little while later and made a good profit.

Example Ten

Here is an example of reversals and a professional report that was prepared for three businessmen considering going into business together. The three people subsequently decided not to do business together as conflicts and tensions arose between them. This was predicted in the report. Conclusions stated in this report are supported in brackets by a selection of reversals.

Bob: “[I’m right here] mate.” Now hear gold. (Third level, External Dialogue. Gold: success. Let’s make this successful.)

Bob: “Let’s start by asking John, [is there anything] in it, you’d like to talk about first.” Bad certain shock. (First level, Expansive. Predicting a negative outcome.)

John: “Well, [this whole thing] is very new to me.” Seeing if possible. (First level. Expansive. Checking the situation out.)

Bob: “I can understand John, I have dealt with a lot of people over the years [who are developers or inv]entors or creators.” There’s the beloved walk. (First level. Expansive. He enjoys working with new ideas.)

Bob: “That’s just the code name for [the company].” Hear the mucking. (Second level. Expansive. Predicting conflict.)

Bob: “I’ve suggested that Matt and [John control 51% of the company and] both of you are directors.” The bonnie mission. (First Level. Expansive. He enjoys the task.)

Bob: “Effectively on the [books you have the shares].” He’ll muck us with his muck. (Second level. Expansive. More conflict predicted.)

Bob: You hold 51% broken up into whatever agreements you to want to have.” I wish to meld. (First level. Internal dialogue. He wishes the deal will work.)

Bob: “Or you hold it jointly, however you’re going [to do it]. “ Our eel. (Third level. Expansive. Eel: to sabotage. Predicting sabotage and conflict.)

Bob: “[Should we go on] television should we do this.” Soul with ugly rust. (Third level. Expansive. He is stuck spiritually.)

John: “This clearly needs to be done.” Hey John, I dance in mud. (Third level. Internal dialogue. He is stuck and enjoying it.)

Bob: “[You want to see] it get out there in a [most professional manner].” We’re fighting / My name won’t shepherd. (First level. Internal dialogue. Predicting future conflict, he can’t lead.)

Bob: “If you took it to an accountant [or a consultant].” Arrow hold the lesson. (Third level. Expansive. Arrow: to shoot for a goal. Remain focused on the goal.)

Bob: “[It’s all] one way John.” That asset. (First level. Expansive. Seeing the business as an asset.)

Bob: “You’ve had a number of starts and stops with the technology.” I wish to pause. I fear to learn. (First level. Internal dialogue. He is hesitant and reluctant to adopt new ideas.)

Bob: “Build rapport with [one client which Matt] and I will do together.” Heartache is usual. (First level. Expansive. He is used to failure.)

Bob: “Go there. It’s one client at a time, [build our rapport with one] client.” The walk with that Lord. (Third level. Expansive. He is accessing deeper wisdom. He can build rapport.)

Bob: “The most important thing is how [are we going] to distribute.” They’re fighting. (First level. Expansive. Future conflict.)

Bob: “We deliver it to you [by mail or by phone].” I breathe to build this unit. (First level. Internal dialogue. He enjoys creating new ventures.)

Bob: “The client then knows before we start what we’re doing for him.” You might fight. Hold them off. (First level. Internal command. Possible future conflicts.)

Bob: “The client says I only want to [pay you on] a fee for service basis.” On a winner. (First level. Expansive. He recognises the potential of the business.)

Bob: “My general feeling [is that we] should plan this over a 8-12 month period.” They rape. (Second level. Expansive. Rape: to forcibly intrude. He feels threatened.)

Bob: “I’ve seen so many people who have [gone into ventures].” Will you argue a bit. (First level. Internal dialogue. Future conflict.)

Bob: “We need to prove the technology to the satisfaction [of the client].” That’s service. (First level. Expansive. It is service to the client to prove the technology.)

Bob: “Matt will be [responsible] for the reporting.” Need hawk. (Third level. Internal dialogue. Hawk: keen vision and insight. I need vision and insight.)

Bob: “You [always hold then in trust], you can’t deal with them till you decide.” There’s a weird market. (First level, Expansive. Their market is unusual.)

Bob: “That’s my word. I’m not saying it’s the [only way] to go.” I get owl. (Third level. Internal dialogue. Owl: conscious knowledge. He is accessing his knowledge.)

John: “There’s a lot [of things I cant do].” My God will sniff it all. (Third level. Internal dialogue. Sniff: to explore. He will check this out with his higher self.)

John: “This provides a structure [by which this can] be done.” You make us feel well. (First level. External dialogue. He tells Bob he is feeling reassured.)

Bob: “If [you’ve had bad exp]eriences in the past John.” The bad’s happened. (First level. Congruent. Confirms what he says forward.)

Bob: “How we believe those offers of [continuing work] should be.” Give the show. (First level. Internal dialogue. He is considering the business.)

Bob: “I’ll make up some suggestions, John will say I am prepared to offer my time initially for no charge.” I’ve been caught, sinner. (Third level. Internal dialogue. Recognising his previous reversals of conflict.)

Matt: “Bob, [I know you’ve been telling] me you have some people.” Your weapon began. Those lips be in my sword. (Third level. External dialogue. Sword: to communicate. He is actively engaged in the conversation and he wants the business to work.)

Bob: “We provide support [to that person].” Listen, Eden surf. (Third level. External dialogue. Eden: to nurture and grow. He is accessing the part of him that can build the business.)

Bob: “We believe we can make a [significant contribution] or impact.” The Shiva knot. They defend this. (Third level. Internal dialogue. Shiva: to break down rigid unconscious structures. He thinks they might be stuck.)

Bob: “He’s the political contact. [He runs a big research organization].” You’ll get to know him. It helps you. (First level. External dialogue. Self explanatory.)

Bob: “If you do every step properly and [you cover all] the bases.” Makes you worried. (First level. Expansive. He is worried.)

Bob: “And [in the first draft of the business plan] etc.” Who’d want out. See with the far surf. (First level. Internal dialogue. Looking to future contingencies.)

Bob: “Say that’s a good strength, [that’s a good weakness].” Give my pace. Built the set. (First level. Expansive. He is wanting to pace himself.)

Bob: “You could be a genius but [no one’s discovered] you yet.” It’s no wonder. (First level. Expansive. Putting them down.)

Bob: “I ain’t doing anything until I hear [what John says].” The battle we hold. (First level. Internal dialogue. Future conflict.)

Bob: “We could we do anything with this [northern territory thing].” You look, make you, you look. (First level. External dialogue. Looking ahead.)

Overall Observations

Analysis of reversals give no indication whether this business will either succeed or fail, but they do indicate a commitment to the goal by all parties concerned and a desire to build to make it work. The prime area of concern that was seen is the almost certainty of future conflict between the parties as the business is built. Overall suggestion is to proceed but with caution.

Detailed Analysis

Bob begins the conversation direct and positive (now hear gold) but also indicates some conflict or tension (bad certain shock). John is cautious but willing to listen (Seeing if possible). Bob continues talking, showing respect for the creative process (there’s the beloved walk) and a strong desire to join and build the proposed business (the bonnie mission, I wish to meld). John indicates he is stuck where he is and probably enjoying being there (I dance in mud). This difference, plus others, will cause future conflicts in the business relationship (we’re fighting).

Bob is very clearly directed and focused (arrow hold the lesson) and has the best interests of John and Matt at heart (that asset). There was no dishonesty or ulterior motives detected and his desire to help is genuine (I breathe to build this unit). However, reversals indicate that Bob will be brash and operate with nervous tension at times. He will also tend to be closed minded and tunnel visioned (I fear to learn).

As the conversation continues John relaxes more (you make us feel well) and also indicates his intuition may be sharper than he is admitting (my god will sniff it all). Rapport builds between Bob and John, and a weakness in Bob’s approach is revealed as reversals suggest he may have a tendency to oversell, “sugar coat” and/or overcharge the product (I’ve been caught, sinner).

One of the few statements made by Matt show that he is keen to move forward and wants to make it work (your weapon began. Those lips be in my sword).

Bob then indicates that marketing to lawyers and their clients will create a positive outcome (listen, eden surf), but also indicates extreme caution in how this avenue is approached and utilised (the shiva knot. They defend this). There are positive benefits indicated from his political contacts (it helps you).

George is concerned that this business is built correctly (makes you worried), and it is suggested also that a good exit strategy is in place for any future outcomes (who’d want out. See with he far surf). However, if the business is built correctly and rapidly (give my pace. Build the set) the potential is good.


As we have seen so far in this chapter, Reverse Speech can benefit the businessman in a variety of ways. Take for example, advertising. You want to make sure that you get the most for your advertising buck and whether the advertisement will work or not. Speech reversals that are embedded into the advertisement can mean its success or failure. Here is a 60‑second advertisement that I analysed for a South Australian Lending Corporation whose product was home loans. The video scene shows a husband and wife looking for a house in the newspaper. The advertisement was an experiment using common abbreviations for extras in the house such as BIRs and UGPs, most of which meant nothing to the average viewer and created confusion, which resulted in the advertisement being ineffective. The reversals reflect this confusion and also show high buyer resistance to the salesman.

Woman: “Hey. This one looks good. 3BRs, [lounge, Sep DR,] AC, BIRs.” I hate this smile. (referring to the salesman)

Salesman: “Tell him about the quality drapes, outfits and WWCs throughout. Go on! You can afford it! You can take the Institution’s loan at market rate. A fixed interest loan. Or, you can make a high start while you’re both working with a lower repayment when the kids come along.”

Woman: “[Now you’re talking.]” He forced me on. (buyer resistance)

Salesman: “What do you think?”

Woman: “[I think I’ll put a pat stroke] perg at the side.” What’s that? I don’t want this stuff! (Confusion, resistance high.)

The advertisement was subsequently taken off the air. My analysis of the reversals prior to putting the ad on the air might have saved the lending institution a significant amount of time and money.

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