General Applications

Reverse Speech General Aplications


General Applications

Business Applications

Personal Development

Reverse Speech Analysis, when ethically and accurately applied, has…

  • Been used successfully to warn a CEO, just prior to signing a multi-million dollar merger, of hidden traps in the contract preferred by his counterpart, and to alert him to apparent duplicity and harmful motives by ‘said party of the second part’.

  • Warned another CEO of a possible hacker or other criminal presence in a high level of his company… in the words of his own hidden voice channel, “an arch felon.”

  • Alerted a private investor preparing to commit his life savings to an oil drilling project that the company was likely encumbered by potentially fatal legal difficulties; and this warning was later corroborated independently by further review of SEC – mandated corporate reports.

  • Confronted an individual in a personal and business crisis with his own denial of the signals a failed business partner had been sending all along, yet this same analysis also revealed strong inner resources which could be tapped for overcoming the challenges and getting on with a productive life.

  • Revealed in a homicide investigation that a particular witness described herself… in her own ‘Reverse Speech’ words as… “a real big liar” and that she very possibly had direct involvement in the death of the victim.

  • Been independently corroborated by DNA evidence in a case of alleged rape, three weeks after I had reported findings that suggested certain behaviours by a deponent that were material to the case. (With compliments from Jack Johnston MA CRSP)

As you can see the application of reverse speech is bigger than we can imagine. It gives us insights beyond what we can consciously know in virtually every situation.

Imagine asking yourself any question and getting an answer of TRUTH from your unconscious mind to shed new light on decisions or challenges that are existing or even unknown and then receiving a solution to those challenges that is virtually 100% accurate if enough information is given in dialogue.

Other areas of use

  • Personal and Family Therapy
  • Personal Development
  • Business Partnerships
  • Corporate Business Decisions
  • For insurance companies shedding light on fraudulent claims is something they would pay someone for handsomely to gain evidence to avoid a large payout.
  • Police work is an area for reverse speech to get the whole truth and to expand on any given evidence using the unconscious language.
  • Private investigation work.
  • Identify the best employee candidates.

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