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History of Reverse Speech

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What is Reverse Speech?

Reverse Speech is an extension of our conscious perception, which allows one the foresight of understanding the unconscious, from a multi-platform level of communication.  Wow, what a mouthful…whew. Life, as we know it, has always been about some form of “Pursuit.” Such as the pursuit of happiness…the pursuit of wealth, fame and fortune and the pursuit of the “Truth” (Socrates).  Take a look at how important the “Truth” is. Our day to day lives is surrounded by truth seekers such as Lawyers, Private Investigators, Journalists the list goes on and on, however, the one variable that prevents truth seekers from fulfilling their quest is their inability of looking outside the box. Limitations, boundaries and a standard mindset, is the core fundamental reason, of why truth seekers need Reverse Speech. The Truth is out there (X-Files), make no mistake about it and the vessel to augment this relationship is Reverse Speech.

When speaking, the delivery of human speech is covert and overt. This delivery entails the usage of the conscious and the unconscious brain simultaneously (forward speech (conscious) and backward (unconscious)). The dependency of these two is imperative, as, without either one, it would be difficult to understand the unconscious through speech. Both of these methods of speech delivery combined, result in the overall communication of our inner person, therefore allowing us to have a better understanding of an individual’s psyche. The psyche now becomes the mechanism acting as a portal with direct communication to the Ego, Superego and the Id.   

As infants, we deliver our speech backward at first, which thus enables us to express ourselves purely based on emotions. This emotional expression derives from the right part of the brain and stays with us for the rest of our lives. Reverse Speech found within everyone is at its best, when this part of their mind is most active. So by this rationale, one can safely assume, that when individuals speak from the heart, Reverse Speech produces optimal reversals.

Communication is such a crucial and integral part of what we do in our day to day lives, with speech being the primary. Without speech, our lives would be drastically different in so many ways. Think for a moment, how different our lives would be without speech. If we had to resort to expressing ourselves by writing everything down, texting or sign language. If these were our only options, then life as we know it would be much different.

Speech, as we have come to understand it today, is the expression of thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds. If we want to understand ones’ speech, then we should also make an effort to understand the thought process or foundation from which it derives. We can only accomplish this, by utilizing and applying the technology of Reverse Speech.

Christian D. Cadieux Ph.D.

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