It is one of the greatest discoveries known to humankind. The research into this technology has been described of “Nobel Calibre” and has been used to investigate, validate and vindicate. It has been featured world wide in the media, thus becoming a household name. That name is Reverse Speech…
David John Oates, Founder

Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaners

(a Reverse Speech Pty., Ltd. Business Partner)

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“Oral tradition and complimentary created the Filter of Truth, inscribed into the minds of each, and everyone of us. The inscription reads Reverse Speech.”
Gregory James Albrecht
(1954 – 2019, original Reverse Speech Researcher Partner. May his memory be eternal.)

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Reverse Speech Team

David John Oates

David John Oates

Reverse Speech Founder, President and CEO

David John Oates is the founder of Reverse Speech, discovering it in 1987. Since then, he dedicated his life to research and promoting it, with lectures, conferences, training shows and media appearences. Another way that he used the Reverse Speech was for people with emotional challenges, helping them break their interior barriers.

Jeffrey P. Toth

Jeffrey P. Toth

COO of Reverse Speech

Jeff is the current Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Reverse Speech. He has been working diligently with the association since joining in 1997. He was instrumental in designing the Reverse Speech Pro software, assists with training programs and provides technical assistance to hobbyists and professionals alike.

Deb Fitzgerald

Deb Fitzgerald

She has been in the alternative health and healing industry for over 25 years. Having studied many modalities over the years including Kinesiology, Multi-dimensional Energy healing, Reiki, Enar therapy, Essence therapy, the Akashic Records, and most recently Reverse Speech. Deb started her Reverse Speech journey in August of 2015, beginning with the Investigator and Analyst courses. She went on to complete her Reverse Speech Practitioner training in March 2017. She has been doing the Session Work process with clients and loves the amazing, life changing results. Deb is also working for Reverse Speech alongside David John Oates as a student homework assistant and a general support person for students throughout their Reverse Speech studies.

Christian D. Cadieux  Ph.D.

Christian D. Cadieux Ph.D.

Christian D. Cadieux is an owner in Reverse Speech and works at the capacity of Director of international marketing/research and development. Christians’ employment background consists of Applied (Epidemiology) & Behavioral (Operational) Sciences. Alongside Host David John Oates, Christian is the Co-host and Producer, of REVERSE SPEECH RADIO.

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